Darby Fire Company 1

First Due House Fire

Sunday, February 17, 2013  At 4:26am Companies 04, 21 (Darby #2), 42 (Collingdale #2), and 06 (Collingdale #1) were dispatched to the 1100 Block of Kenwood for an odor of smoke in the building with an alarm sounding. Engine 04 quickly responded with 5 and were notified by Medic 04-7a that it was going to be a working fire on division 2. Upon arrival, Engine 04 laid 300ft of supply line and deployed an attack line to the second floor and made an aggressive attack on the front bedroom fire. Quint 06 arrived to the front of the building  and positioned their aerial to the roof and threw ground ladders while Engine 42 stood by the hydrant. Pipeline 04 arrived and deployed a secondary attack line to the second floor and secured utilities in the basement. Captain C. Epps had Kenwwod Command and placed the fire under control within 10 minutes.

Apparatus Operating: Engine 04, Pipeline 04, Utility 04, Medic 04-7A, BLS 04-7B, Quint 06, 06-1, Engine 42, Rescue 42, and Darby Car 1.



Assist to Sharon Hill

Friday, February 15, 2013  While returning from the Lansdowne fire, Pipeline 04 was redirected to Poplar Street in Sharon Hill to assist companies on a working fire with entrapment. Upon arrival, Pipeline 04's crew made entry to the adjoining house and completed a search and checked for any exposure problems. Search came up negative and discovered a light haze of smoke on the second floor. Companies 39 (Lower Chi) and 52 (Brookhaven) were covering Sharon Hill due to the Lansdowne fire and made a quick knock. Pipeline 04 went available within 30 minutes.



2nd Alarm Assist to Lansdowne

Friday, February 15, 2013  At around 10:35am Company 04 was alerted for the 2nd alarm assignment to Lansdowne Borough for the assist on the working house fire. Engine 04 quickly responded with 6 under the command of 1st Lieutenant D. Traband and upon arrival stretched a 1.75inch hand line and assisted Companies 19 & 24 on fire suppression on the 1st and 2nd divisions. Pipeline 04 responded with 3 under the command of Assistant Chief Booth and upon arrival assisted crews in the sub division with fire suppression and ventilation. Crews operated for a few hours before returning to quarters. Thank you to the crew of Engine 8 (Prospect Park) for covering the local.

Pictures Courtesy of Delaware Valley Photography!



Darby No. 1 Celebrates 238 Years of Service

Saturday, February 2, 2013  On Saturday February 2nd at 6pm, the members and invited guests of Darby Fire Company No.1 gathered at the Clarion Hotel in Tinicum Township to celebrate 238 years of continuous service and dedication to Darby Borough and surrounding areas.  Everyone was served a delicious three course meal quickly followed by the Installation of the 2013 Administrative and Fire Officers. Chief C. Caruso and President J. O'Neil then presented the award ceremony.

EMS Award - Joe Chester & Daniel Monzo

Chief's Award - Thomas Sessa

Firefighter of the Year - Robert Childs

President's Award - Brian Traband

2012 Top Ten Responders

1.  Robert Childs              281 Calls

2.  Thomas Sessa           260 Calls

3.  Daniel Traband Jr.      246 Calls

4.  Nate Simpson             232 Calls

5.  Christopher Caruso   212 Calls

6.  Christopher Epps       207 Calls

7.  Vincent Lanni               174 Calls

8.  Michael T. Melazzo      170 Calls

9.  Michael Melazzo          158 Calls

10. Arthur McMillan           151 Calls

Darby Fire Co. No.1 also presented an award to Brian Feeney Jr. for all the hard work he has done with helping the organization with taking photos on the fire grounds.

Dancing and Merriment's were on hand until Midnight with DJ Shannon.



New Years assist to Yeadon

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 0318 Company 04 was dispatched as part of the second alarm to assist the Yeadon Fire Company at 49 Lincoln Ave on a working house fire. Engine 041 and 042 responded and was assigned to the exposure building. Crews from 04 made an attempt to stop the spread of fire and due to deteriorating conditions we were ordered to evacuate the building. After all crews conducted a PAR check all companies started defensive operations on both the fire building and the adjoining exposure. Crews remained on scene for several hours until all visible fire was extinguished.

Company 04 cleared the fire scene at approximately 0730.

Photo provided by Zack Ruth, Dan Traband and Bob Childs



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