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Saturday may 10,2014 we dedicated our new addition and renovation to Darby Fire Company #1 with a few of our friends,members,family and community.

A overcast day with a threat of rain in the forecast,but the weather held off till after 2:00 pm.

The new addition was dedicated to all of our past,present and future members of the company.....

Some of the pics are posted and we will add more as soon as they are made possible by our photographer and videographer

Company photo

Company photo

2014 Administrative officers

2014 Administrative officers


Engine and Medic attend Community Day

Monday, August 12, 2013   Engine and Medic 04 attended Darby Borough's annual community day at the Darby Rec Center located at 10th St and Ridge Ave. The engine staffed with 4 volunteers and medic with 2 were on hand for 2 hours and enjoyed showing off the engine and it's equipment to the young kids of Darby Borough. 

Thank you for the invite and looking forward to next year. 



Darby #1 donates fire bell

Thursday, July 25, 2013  Darby Fire Company #1 is pleased to announce that we have donated a retired fire bell to the Lawrenceburg Fire and Rescue Honor Guard in Anderson
County, Kentucky.

The Honor Guard formed in 2011 to pay tribute to fallen firefighters and those who served their community, monies to buy uniforms, equipment, and training were donated by the City of Lawrenceburg and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Charles Woods one of the founding members of the Honor Guard recently posted on face book that they were looking for a fire bell to purchase to use at firefighter’s funerals.
I noticed the post from Woods, said Kevin Carry Historian of Darby #1, we have accumulated several retired fire bells from apparatus over the years and they have been in our archives waiting to be used again in display or decoration.

When I saw the post, I thought of our bells “to be used again as a symbol of Honor and Respect to those who serve by ringing out their last alarm”.

The donation of the bell was brought up at our July Company meeting and passed unanimously by our members and notification of the donation was sent to Lawrenceburg with much jubilation.

The bell we are donating to them is off our 1952 American La France pumper that was retired in the late 60’s.
Bells used on fire apparatus goes back to the  early 1800’s and was a audible warning device for approaching hand drawn fire engines responding to a fire call.
Bells were used up until the 1970’s and can be found on some pieces of apparatus today, but it is more of an icon of  fire departments past.

The bell was shipped on Tuesday by UPS and weighed in at 56 pounds, and it was received today in Lawrenceburg, Charles Woods from Lawrenceburg contacted me today and was elated on its arrival.

Woods told me that they plan to keep the condition of the bell “ as is” with a little bit of polishing ,we want to show its service to Darby #1 since 1952 as a true fire bell and its new service in honoring those who gave all in our community, Thank You very much, he stated.

It is an honor to have this bell in service again ringing out the Last Alarm to those who gave to their community, knowing that a little piece of Darby Fire Company #1 history will live on forever.




Pipeline 04 Responds to Aldan Borough House Fire

Friday, June 28, 2013  At about 0450 hours, Company 04 was dispatched to assist Companies 06 (Collingdale No.1) and 42 (Collingdale No. 2) on a working house fire. Pipeline 04 and Command 04 made the response and once on location, the crew deployed an inch and 3/4 hand line to the second floor via ground ladder and an inch and 3/4 handline to the third floor exterior for fire suppression. Crews also assisted in overhaul operations and hitting hot spots. Crews returned back to Quarry Street by 0730 hours.



Engine Cover and Building Fire in Prospect Park

Monday, June 24, 2013  At about 1520 hours, Company 04 was dispatched to relocate to Station 08 (Prospect Park) while they operated on a working house fire in Ridley Park. Engine 04, under the command of 1st Lieutenant Traband, made the response with 5 while a crew of 6 stayed back to staff the Pipeline. During the cover assignment, the commercial building response was dispatched for Interboro High School in Prospect Park. The assignment brought up Engine 04, Engine 13 (Morton/Rutledge), Engine 65 (Garden City), Engine 16 (Yeadon), and Rescue 51 (South Media), Engine 04 arrived on scene and reported nothing showing from the exterior. 04-13 (Traband)  assumed Interboro Command and requested a truck company to be added to the assignment. As the crew from Engine 04 entered the building, a smoke condition was evident on the 2nd floor. Soon after, the crew discovered that the smoke was coming from maintenance workers who were working within the facility. Crews then performed natural ventilation and soon after returned to Station 08 to finish out the cover assignment.



New Command 04

Sunday, May 5, 2013   Darby Fire Company # 1 is proud to place in service its 2013 Chevy Tahoe SSV. The Tahoe was purchased at Hondru Auto Group in Elizabethtown Pa. Command 04 will serve the officers and members in many different capacities such as a Utility for pulling our trailer with The Ram and Shiffler and as a fire ground command vehicle.

Darby Fire Company #1 would like to thank 95 signs for the graphics, Pete Bochanski for the lighting and Jerry DePompeo for the construction of the command box that will be put in the back of the vehicle. 



Darby becomes a participating Department

Saturday, March 9, 2013  Darby Fire Company # 1 has been recognized by the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner as a department with members who have achieved certifications in firefighting. 70% of our members are not only trained but certified to at least the Firefighter I level. Decals awarded by the commonwealth will be proudly displayed on the fire apparatus. The members of Darby Fire Company #1 should feel very proud with this accomplishment.



2nd Alarm Assist to Lansdowne

Saturday, March 2, 2013  Company 04 was alerted early Saturday morning to assist Company 19 (Lansdowne) on the second alarm assignment for a working apartment fire. Pipeline 04 responded quickly under the command of Asst. Chief Booth and assisted with fire suppression and extensive overhaul. Special thanks to Station 08 (Prospect Park) for covering the borough until we became available.



Cover Up to Station 08 & AFA

Tuesday, February 19, 2013  Around 3:13am, Station 04 was alerted for the cover up assignment to Station 08 (Prospect Park) while they battled a fire in their first due. Engine 04 quickly responded with 4 under the command of 1st Lieutenant D. Traband. During the cover up assignment, Stations 04 and 21 were dispatched to the Save-A-Lot Supermarket for an automatic fire alarm. Pipeline 04 responded immediately with a crew of 5 under the command of Captain C. Epps and arrived to find no fire or smoke. The alarm was reset and the Pipeline returned to quarters.



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