Darby Fire Company 1

Darby Fire Co Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Command 04

  Chevy Tahoe SSV

Engine 04

  American LaFrance

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Pipeline 04


Pipeline 04 is a 2007 Seagrave Marauder II and is equipped with a Waterous 1500gpm pump, 750 gallon water tank and is powered by a Caterpillar C-13 430hp engine with an all stainless steel body. The truck has seating for 8 Firefighters, an 8KW Harrison hydraulic generator and a Whelen LED package.

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Ambulance 04-7


Medic 04-7A


Ambulance 04-7B


Ambulance 04-7B is a 2010 Ford Horton. It serves as a basic life support unit and is staffed 24/7 by Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Emergency Medical Technicians. It is currently runs out of Sharon Hill Fire Company No. 1.

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The "Ram"

  A.D. Richmond Hydraulics Co. rotary hand pump,coffee grinder style

Darby Fire Company purchased "The Ram" for $225.00 in 1833 from a engine re-seller in Philadelphia ,the engine was built for "The Star Fire Company" it was painted red with yellow and white pinstripes and gold stars on all panels. ".VOLUNTEER" the Motto of the Star Fire Company were painted on  the pump mounts on both sides.

The Ram was the first fire engine in Delaware County and was requested to several areas to fight fires by means of manpower, pulling it to these areas in all kinds of weather. On arrival a bucket brigade would fill the reservoir with water and the brakemen would operate the pump.

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The "Shiffler"

  John Rogers Co. Baltimore Md. Philadelphia Style Double Deck Hand Pump

The Shiffler  was made by the John Rogers Company in Baltimore Md. and was sold to the Howard Fire Co.(engine 1) in Baltimore Md.(Paca St.)

Howard Fire Co. sold the engine along with a hose reel to Shiffler Hose Co. of Philadelphia in 1859 for $500.00,as Baltimore was forming a paid department and purchasing more powerful steam fire engines.

The Shiffler remained in Philadelphia until 1877 when most volunteer fire companies were disbanded and the engine was purchased by Darby Fire Co. for $400.00,it remained  in service until 1913.

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  Wirt & Knox hose reel

Truck 17

  American LaFrance Invader 750 gpm





Pipeline 04


mini pump


photo courtesy of Joe Dooley

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04-1 "Big Foot"



  International Harvester series 170

Truck purchased in 1962 from Insurance Patrol of Philadelphia for $2500.00

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Utility 04

  Ford Expedition

retired..in use to Darby Borough Code Enforcement.

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